the story of the blog

I’m leaving Kansas.  Like Dorothy and Toto, but I’m not coming back.  And so my little Kansas blog will be no more.  I lovingly crafted a blog for my research group at work, and I’m sure it had a steady readership of 5 dedicated people.  Thank you, you 5 wonderful people.  But the blog has served its purpose.  And now it’s time for a new blog- one I can keep, one that belongs to me and not so much to my job.

I don’t write this blog to gain hordes of readers.  I write this blog so that maybe I’ll remember to actually do some of that research I’ve been thinking about.  And maybe along the way I’ll tell you if I’ve drunk any amazing scotch or seen any great movies.

If you decide to read, I’d love your feedback.  About the research or the scotch.