DC fooood!

Love DC. Need to live there. I wouldn’t gain any weight from all the good food because a DC block is roughly the equivalent of three normal blocks.  So, yeah, when someone tells you “Oh, it’s only 3 blocks away”- laugh in their faces.

Here’s the amazing food I had:

Old Ebbitt Grill: Apparently this is the hot spot for the big wigs. Presidents have eaten here. It’s kind of a big deal. The burger is really good, and the scotch selection looked nice. It was only lunch, so I didn’t indulge. Even I cannot drink scotch that early in the day.

Oyamel: So, they make a margarita with salt air. And this is like the greatest idea anybody ever had since they came up with margaritas.

Zaytinya: Turkish/Greek/Lebanese food. Best hummus ever. Best falafel ever. Best everything ever.

Baked & Wired: Cupcake place in Georgetown.  Georgetown is the greatest place.  (Sidenote: lots of superlatives in this post) These cupcakes are the bomb dot com. Get Karen’s Birthday cupcake. So good.

Filomena’s: Oh. my. god. The rapture may have actually happened because I am sure this pasta is what you eat in heaven all the time. And you never get full and you never gain weight.

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