Motivating the unmotivated…teacher

Today, I attended my first meeting at my new job.  I sat around with the full-time teachers trying to create a substitution policy.  Isn’t it exciting to be an educator?  Everyone seems really nice, and the meeting was somewhat productive, which means we accomplished a lot more than I expected from a meeting of teachers.

But, after the meeting as we were still sitting around talking, I encountered some resistance to professional development, which, of course, is exactly what I’m in charge of.  The grad student in me LOVES professional development.  I want to go to conferences and read research articles and write proposals and talk about linguistic theories and how they play out in the classroom.  The teachers, well, they want to go to the conferences, but I suspect that may be more for the whole “taking a trip, skipping class” thing. (Teachers really are worse than the students sometimes :))

And so I wonder how I will motivate them to actually present at those conferences, or learn some cool, new technology to help their students, or even get plugged in with in-house professional development.  At my old job, there were a few other teachers who got just as excited about these things as I did, and we managed to do some exciting work.  Here’s hoping I’m not the only research nerd at this new place.

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