Creating an online class all by myself!

For some reason, our little English program isn’t allowed access to Blackboard.  I will be rectifying that situation as soon as possible (and appropriate- I haven’t even technically started the job yet).  But until then, I created a little class page on Google and I’m working on a gradebook via Learn Boost.  There’s next to nothing on the class page yet, but I’m still pretty impressed with myself.

Here’s my question, though: why hasn’t someone created a gradebook that works with Google Sites?  If Google allows you to create a class website, shouldn’t it also allow you access to an online gradebook?  The only Google-related gradebook I’ve seen so far requires you to have a Google Apps account, which requires you to have a domain name, which costs money, which irritates me, etc.,etc.,etc.

So, I’m doing things separately for now, and lamenting that I am not more of a tech nerd because I could be working for Google and creating the free gradebook that everyone would use and love. (And making more money. Not that that matters.)

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