My subconscious is a better teacher than me

Does that title make any sense? Sometimes I feel that there’s this little brilliant teacher hidden inside of me. I come to class unprepared, and I improvise. I quickly throw a lesson together because I got distracted looking up articles for my students to read outside of class (We’ll read about online shopping; online shopping connects to facebook; people who use facebook are narcissistic; narcissism is responsible for the current economic crisis; *five hours later* screw it, let me just go with that original article on online shopping).

And then, boom! two weeks later out of nowhere, the genius of everything I didn’t plan hits me.  Like, oh, that day I threw together that crazy vocabulary activity in 5 minutes because I knew it would waste 30 minutes of class time? Well, you see, it’s amazing how well that prepared you for the TOEFL prep exercises we’re working on now and the article we’re going to summarize.

But really, it feels like a fluke. I don’t know why things worked out so brilliantly. I don’t think it’s just because I’m that amazing. I just want to thank the little teacher who lives in my subconscious. Please don’t ever leave me.

2 thoughts on “My subconscious is a better teacher than me

  1. I’ve had experiences like that. It’s fun when serendipity works its magic and there seems to be a perfect context for everything that happens on a particular day in class. But like you suggest, you can’t plan on it working out that way. The best approach is to over-plan and have more activities than you can possibly get to, and then let things happen and go with the flow, letting go of the things you didn’t get to that day and possibly reworking them for next class. Great topic. Interesting post.

    • Yes, I completely agree about going with the flow. I think sometimes my best lessons come out of not feeling that I have to stick to a firm plan but being willing and able to see where the class goes. Glad to hear I’m not the only crazy one out there.

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