VoiceThread – more technology I need to be using?

Thanks, Robb, for sharing this with me.  Someone told me about this before, I’m sure. But for the first time, I checked it out, and this has the potential to become a big part of my speaking/listening classes.  It’s VoiceThread, and you should check it out too.  Just one more site I’ll be dragging my students to next session.  They probably get sick of all the technology I use.

I haven’t seriously checked out all the cool stuff it does yet (this is my first day of vacation, after all), but you can make videos and recordings without downloading any software.  Exactly what I’ve been looking for.  Because until I can convince my program to find some (likely nonexistent) money and build our own computer lab, I’m going to need to use programs that don’t have to be downloaded.

3 thoughts on “VoiceThread – more technology I need to be using?

  1. You’re very welcome. It is great to witness via your blog the early stages of what is obviously going to be a wonderful and very productive career in higher education, ESL, computer assisted language learning, and linguistics. Congratulations on completing your summer session at the new job. You are well on your way! Hope you make it to Ocean View if it’s still there! Good luck with everything.

  2. I forgot where I mentioned it, but I think Rachel was going to try it out with her class. I don’t know if she went ahead with that. I wonder if there is any chance of collaborating… i.e. have both our students contribute… hard part would be that you will only have your students for 7 weeks (?)

    • I like this idea a lot. Even though I only have my students for 7 weeks, it could still be a lot of fun. I should find out my teaching schedule soon, and we should compare classes. I’d love to collaborate on something.

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