Portfolios for ESL students

And that’s my new brilliant idea for the session. Of course, I can’t take full credit for the idea. I was inspired by my graduate adviser, who is also the director of an IEP, who shook up the old, boring assessment routine in her program by adding portfolios.  And my ever-helpful colleague, Robb, mentioned that self-assessment is always a good idea.  And then I had a great Twitter conversation with an educator who has found success with portfolios.

So here I am.  I’m excited about the idea, but I’ve got tons of questions.  Mainly, how do I grade these things?  I’ve got some thoughts, so I’m attaching a link to a document I’m working on if you care to look it over.  This is just the writing portfolio assignment. I’ve also got one for reading and speaking/listening classes.  Feedback is always appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Portfolios for ESL students

  1. I like this. You can display it more like a checklist. I also wonder if you want student during the session to pick out an essay to upload for fellow students to peer-assess. The peer assessment can be handled via survey monkey or something anonymous like that, with points for various aspects of the assignment and a short verbal comment. You or the student can collect the survey monkey data in each case (if it’s you you can censor problematic comments) and give the student a print out of the results, to also include in the portfolio. Also, the point total for each student on the session can include a couple points for going in and doing the peer assessments on essays from all their classmates. Not sure if this is clear. It doesn’t have to be labor intensive for the instructor.

    • Peer assessment is a great idea! Thanks for mentioning survey monkey – I may not use it for this, but I actually could use it for another project I’ve got going.

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