Reading and speaking/listening portfolios

To follow up on my previous post, I’m also including a link to my reading and speaking/listening portfolio assignments.  I’m leaving a lot up to the students here.  They have to do outside work on their own; I’m not requiring it.  I toyed with the idea of requiring it, but it gets to be a pain to keep up with, and it’s often hard to tell if your students are actually doing the assignment or lying.  I’ve found that it’s far more effort than it’s worth.  I’ve introduced the portfolio assignment in each of my classes, and the students seem completely on board with the idea.  No complaints so far.  I’m sure the end of the session will be a different story :).

One thought on “Reading and speaking/listening portfolios

  1. I had a great time with a reading activity a few years ago.
    It involved giving students credit for outside reading and as
    part of the assignment they had to type up little 2 page
    book reports, but instead of telling me what was in the
    book I had them write about their impressions of the
    time, place, setting in which they were doing this reading.
    I felt this worked out pretty well, and since they were
    picking all their books for this recreational reading from
    a reserve collection of my favorite items from the campus
    library stacks, I already knew quite about about the content
    of the books. I think this gave students a better opportunity
    to avoid the “lying” or worse, the plagiarism that is so
    bothersome to monitor in projects like these.

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