Writing project: Creating a blog for the program

Every session, my program publishes a student newsletter. It’s nice, I guess. That sounds bad. It is nice. And it probably involves a lot of work.  Which is probably why they put me in charge of it. “Give it to the new teacher. She won’t complain.” And I’m not complaining. That’s what happens when you’re the new teacher. Eventually, you’re not the new teacher anymore and you get to pass on the jobs you hate to someone else. It’s the circle of life, or karma, or something like that.

But I just couldn’t ever muster up any enthusiasm for the project. I’d have to learn how to use Publisher. I’d have to go to Kinko’s or somewhere equally depressing and make copies (which is not just sad, it’s also needlessly killing more trees).  I’d stress myself and my class out for one little newsletter published at the end of the session when nobody cares about school anymore anyway. I could never see the project as anything other than a waste of time.

Then genius struck (that may be an exaggeration, but I thought it was a pretty smart alternative).  What if, instead of a boring newsletter, we had a blog for the program?  We could update it weekly instead of once a session.  We wouldn’t waste paper.  We’d be publishing our work on the Internet, so students could show their family and friends back home.

And, so that’s the plan. I know a lot of other IEP’s have program blogs, so this is hardly a revolutionary move. But I’m still pretty excited about it.  So even if it fails, at least I’ll have had a good time.  I’m not publishing the link yet because I want to wait until my students and I have actually got it set up properly.  Right now it’s just a boring page with nothing on it.  Soon, I hope it will be a lively page filled with our posts and comments from other students and teachers in the program.

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