Creating a blog for my program, initial thoughts

So, I’ve put together the blog.  There aren’t any posts on it yet, but come Monday, I’ll have added a “welcome to the blog!” post and the first “news and events” post will be up.

The tentative plan for the blog:

Mondays: news and events, both in the city and on campus

Fridays: fun posts and interviews

Fun posts are of the students’ choosing.  They decide what to write about – reviewing a restaurant in town, interviewing their favorite teacher, writing up their visit to a local museum, etc.

Interviews are a way to include all students in the program.  My students will be interviewing students from each level in the program and posting these interviews on the blog.

Thoughts so far:  The students have no idea how to pick appropriate news and events.  Their choice for Wednesday, September 14 was a “Sorority Showcase” for girls interested in joining a sorority.  Hardly something relevant for students in our program.  We’ll have to work on that.  Which makes me a little nervous about the Friday posts, which I haven’t seen yet.

Anyway, here’s the link to the blog.  No posts yet, but at least there’s something there to look at!  Here’s hoping this experiment is not a disaster.

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