My grade for Engrade

This session, I switched up gradebooks and checked out Engrade.  Here’s my brief review:

What I liked:

– It was easy for me to set up an account, and it was easy for my students

– Very intuitive interface

– Easily allows me to do weighted grade categories and add extra credit assignments

– Provides a spreadsheet of grades and students for each class that can be edited without having to leave the page and go to each individual assignment page

– Students can send me a message related to a specific grade/assignment, or I can write my own comments for the students under a specific assignment

– Students get an easy-to-read report of their grades

– Provides a class grade average at the bottom of the gradebook, which was extremely helpful

What I didn’t like:

– I couldn’t find a “student view” page for me so that I could see my student’s grades as they see them (perhaps this exists, but I just didn’t find it?)

– Requires a unique ID number for each student. I understand the reasoning behind this, but it’s really tedious, especially when you’re teaching international students, and just entering their names takes a long time.

And that’s it.  Those are the only things I didn’t like, and to be honest, those are minor quibbles.  Overall, it’s a fantastic gradebook and it’s free, which makes it even better.  It has all kinds of great features I didn’t use, like creating online quizzes, flashcards, and wikis.  I feel like I could just host my entire class on this site, instead of having a separate class website and online gradebook.

My grade for Engrade: A

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