Using Fotobabble with ESL students

I love finding new websites.  One of my current favorites is Fotobabble, which allows you to upload pictures from your computer or your Facebook account and then create a short recording to accompany each picture.  It’s a terrific idea for a birthday card, but I’ve been using it with my students for speaking practice, and we’re loving it.

Each week, the students post a new picture (has to be a picture they have taken – no stealing photos from the Internet) and they describe or explain the picture.  I’ve learned so much about my students, and I think they love getting to share a little more about their lives. It’s also been great for focusing on speaking accuracy skills, like pronunciation, vocabulary, and oral grammar.  Since the recordings can’t be longer than 60 seconds and the topics are easy (talk about your picture – can’t get much easier), students can really pay attention to form more than content.

I’m attaching a Fotobabble I did as an example for my students so you can see what it’s like.  If you’ve used this website before, I’d love to know what you did with it.

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