About Me

I’m an ESL teacher and a linguist, which means I’m completely nerdy about linguistic theory, but I want practical applications.

So, you know how people always ask “If you could do anything, what would you do?”  You know, like if you won the lottery or just didn’t care about normal things like eating regularly and health insurance.  Here’s my answer:

I might run my own bakery or my own wine and cheese shop.  Or both, and they’d be right next door to each other in Paris.  Dream big or go home.

I might teach knitting classes, but I don’t know if I’m that patient.

I might do nothing but watch TV and old movies all day long.  That would be fun.

I might find a way to make The New York Times hire me to review all the latest musicals, operas, ballets, etc.  Free tickets to The Met?  Score!

I might work at a whiskey distillery, where I would probably drink too much.

But really, even if I had millions of dollars, I’d probably still teach.  On my yacht in the South Pacific, of course.


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